About Me.

While there are many freelancers out there, I can offer you a special combination of skills and experiences. With focus on political marketing combined with business experience in (fin)tech and blockchain (ugh), my knowledge about this field is unparalleled, giving you the upper hand when it comes to creating effective strategies, campaigns, or business plans. Undestanding is the key to teaching after all, or in this case success.


Past Clients.

Cryptocurrency industry leaders such as Braiins (SlushPool) or SatoshiLabs, famous for their invention, the Trezor.


Policy, politics and global affairs at the best institutions in USA, Hong Kong or Europe.


I speak 4 languages fluently and I am learning 3 more. I can work in English, česky, Deutsch and tiếng Việt, and I have advanced knowledge of Français and 普通話.

IT skills.

HTML/CSS is not a programming language. Python is! Data analysis in pandas, the Excel on steroids.


PR, marketing, copy, business development for cryptocurrency companies. Public speaking, presenting hardware and software products.


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There are many ways, but I am mostly on Twitter though.


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